Share. Inspire. Achieve.

Using this simple and motivating approach we Share results, Inspire change, and Achieve improved health:

Share Your Results – Your annual assessment and monthly reporting results are shared on our public scoreboard and at participating employer locations.  If you choose to remain anonymous, your results will be posted using your participant ID.  Each month you receive a personalized monthly e-newsletter with links to your health results, a reminder to report your current BMI and blood pressure, and relevant health news and event information, plus announcements of monthly prize winners.

Inspire Change – Share Your Health is unique in that it does NOT dictate behavior.  You will not be told how or how much to eat or exercise.  With guidance from a health care provider, you set the goals and methods you feel good about.  As you share your results together with others, your desire to improve and live healthy increases.  As your motivation grows it becomes easier to sustain good health behaviors.

Achieve Improved Health – As you participate and help create a culture of wellness within your community or place of work, you begin to improve your health and positively influence others.  Ultimately your monthly and annual results demonstrate how much you have improved.

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